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This web site developed and maintained by Palmer (Stub) Moore.  Send all corrections, additions, old photos, new news and/or excess retirement funds  to Stub.

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Penn Yan Academy

Class of 1959
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(Academy Building - No More - Click to See What's There, Now)

This is the official web site of Penn Yan Academy Class of 1959, Penn Yan, New York.  It is intended to keep our classmates informed as to class get-togethers such as class reunions, picnics, and committee meetings, and as as general discussion forum to keep us in touch with each other.

News You Can Use  (Using "larger" print - well, you  know why)

  • Plans for our 60th Class Reunion are firming up.  An announcement has been mailed to all classmates.  The celebration will be held the weekend of July. (more info)
  • Gail Wixom, wife of Bob Wixom, contacted us to let us know  that our classmate, Bob, passed away on Oct 30, 2018.(Obituary) (letter from Gail)
  • More sad news that classmate Dick Jepsen passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on September 12, 2018.  Funeral will be private, however they will be celebrating his life on October 13th in Bellona - location to be announced.  (obit)
  • The 2018 Class of '59 Picnic will be held on Sunday, July 28th (2 - 6 pm) at The Valley Inn (more info)
  • More sad news that classmate Judy Patchett "Ryder" passed away on October 14, 2017.  (Obit)
  • Such sad news that Phyliis "Race" McCloud lost her husband, Billy, on Aug 12th, 2017 just a few days after they both attended our 2017 Class Picnic.  (Obit) (Picture)
  • Our 2017 Class Picnic was a very nice gathering of classmates.  (more)
  • More sad news that another classmate, Donna Eskildsen Snyder, passed away this past July 12th, 2017, following a long and graceful battle with Multiple Sclerosis.   (Obit)
  • Sad news that our classmate, Barry Wood, passed away today, March 14th, 2017 after a 20 year struggle with Parkinson's Disease.  (Obit)
  • Very sad news that our classmate Dick Jepsen's wife of 51 years, Maureen (Quenan), passed away on Feb 25th, 2017.   (Obit)
  • The Class Event Planning Committee (view members) has put together a firm plan for our 2017 Class Picnic - and, tentative plans for the 2018 Picnic and our 60th CLASS REUNION(Coming Events) 
  • Sad news that our classmate, Anita Joyce "Johncox" Clark, passed away this past Jan 3rd, 2017 - peacefully at home in Penn Yan.  (Obit)
  • The 2016 Class of '59 Picnic will be held on Sunday, Aug 21st (2 - 4 pm) at The Valley Inn (more info)
  • Sad news that Bob Pepper's wife of many years, Sharon, passed away unexpectedly on March 4th, 2016.  Bobís address for those wishing to send condolences, is: 16 Holiday Harbour; Canandaigua, NY 14424-2430 (obit)
  • The 2015 Class of '59 Picnic will be held on Saturday, July 25th (1:30 pm) at The Valley Inn (more info)
  • Sad news that Molly "Sujan" Townsen passed away on March 8, 2015,
  • Our FIFTY FIFTH Class Reunion will be held "the last weekend in July." (click here for details)
  • We are sure everybody has heard about the devastation the flood of July 2014 had on Penn Yan.   Those who wish to contribute please make checks payable to the Yates Community Endowment Disaster Relief Fund.  Monies will be distributed to the Keuka Housing Council (will benefit individuals), and these contributions will be 100% matched.  If you wish to make such contributions, please send them along to Marilyn Flynn as well, and she will work with Bill Schrouder to ensure that they are received by the Disaster Relief Fund.
  • April 1, 2014 - Sad news that Karl Henry has passed away.  (obit)
  • The 2013 Class '59 Picnic will be held on Saturday (4th Sat in July), July 27th was a wonderful get-together.  (more info)
  • Big news in Penn Yan the past 6 months, or so, is that  the replacement of the Liberty Street bridge is causing a major inconvenience.  (I believe it is the second time it has been replaced in OUR LIFE TIMES!!  Here's a few pictures Bill Schrouder sent me of the process. (pic 1) (pic 2) (pic 3) (pic 4)   I guess it now takes a whole 5 minutes to drive around the bridge using the Main Street bridge - driving through the middle of down town.  I'm sure you folks living in Los Angles & San Francisco can related to these horrible delays - big time.  LOL
  • A couple nice pictures of the '58 Mustangs Football Team has been added to the Memories page.  (down at the bottom)
  • A couple great FaceBook sites to visit:  PYA Class '59 that Marti put up for our 50th (use this one for any discussions you might have about the class) - and, this other neat one that has a TON of pictures and discussion about old Penn Yan.

  • A very nice History of Penn Yan website by Frances Dumas, Village of Penn Yan Historian was brought to our attention by Paul Parshall. (click to view)
  • Hey, so far NOBODY has sent me any pictures of our 50th!!   Come on - help us out with some memories.   pmoore11@columbus.rr.com
  • Our 50th Class Reunion has come and gone, but not without leaving us with yet another wonderful weekend of fond memories reconnecting with our high school classmates from so many years ago.  It was really great seeing "first time" attendees Nona Slaughter, Chuck Mills, and the elusive "Don" Joe "Candy Man" Calarco.  (Review on our Past Reunions page is under construction.)  Any attendee that would like to share their pictures of this special weekend for our website please forward to Stub Moore - pmoore11@columbus.rr.com or mail to 6700 Hayhurst St, Worthington, OH 43085.
  • When you visit Penn Yan you can hook up to the internet at the Library using their free wireless connection - or, use one of their computers.  (While you're there say hi to Marilyn Fritz Flynn - I think she runs the place...)
  • This web site can now be accessed by a simpler address: "pyaclass59.com"  (Now, all you have to remember where you went to high school - and which class you were in.. (lol) 
  • OK, we need more pictures for our Memories section.  So, cough up those old photos and artifacts that you "kids" have tucked away in your archives.  I'm sure your kids or grand kids have computers with scanners.  Or, just send them to me Stub Moore, 6700 Hayhurst St, Worthington, OH 43085 - and, I'll scan them in.
  • Annual Recipients and a Letter From Our Chair have been added to the Scholarship Fund section.
  • Artist concept of the yester-years of Penn Yan sent in by Howard Wakley (Dan's brother.)

  • Our Past Reunions & Picnics page has been loaded up with pictures.. Take a look. (click)  Please forward any pictures you might have of any of our reunions or picnics to Stub to be included on this web site.

  • Any of you "snowbirds" that are planning Class of '59 or Penn Yan get-togethers in the sunny south - let us know and we will post the event here.

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