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Penn Yan Academy

Awards Program



Recipient 1 - Darien Sciallo

    My name is Darien Sciallo and I am 18 years old and live at home with my mom, dad and brother. I was born January 21, 1989 . I grew up in a different area then I am living now. I lived in Plattikill , NY until I was in 6th grade. This town was a little different then Penn Yan, where I currently live. There was a lot of violence and drugs and it wasnít a very good environment to grow up in. With Plattikill being close to the city and all, I figured that itís as good as it could get. I grew up with 2 older brothers, I am the youngest and only girl. I looked up to them and wanted to be just like them. My parents didnít really like the area too much. It wasnít safe enough to raise a family. We relocated to Penn Yan, New York in the year of 2000. I went from city to farmland. It wasnít so bad after all. I made lots of friends, felt safer and I donít feel bad leaving my keys in my car. Itís easier to get to know people here. I went from a school with thousands of kids in it, to just a school with hundreds.

    I have many interests. I love horses and we used to own one and it was great. I loved to ride the horse and it was calming. That lasted for a little while, but then I grew out of it. I still love horses but I changed as I grew up. I am now currently interested in Tigers. I love how they move and I love going and watching them at the zoo. Considering how many types are extinct and how many are actually left from a certain breed, is the interesting part. The majority of tigers that are alive are in captivity. I just find them to be very interesting animals. I love their color pattern too. I could watch them for hours. Another interest other then animalís is law. I love watching Law and Order, Law and Order SVU, Cops, and other shows along those lines. They are so interesting to watch and I just want to be there, doing what they do. My dream was always to be a big New York City cop, like my aunt, my 2 great uncles, and many other people in my family. My aunt and her husband lived through 9/11, they were there. They were the cops who were on call that day. I want to be just like that. That is one of my dreams.

    During high school at Penn Yan Academy , I had one teach that really helped me through and who I really looked up to. She was my business law, accounting, computer, marketing and Business Management teacher. I always wanted to be forensic accountant, cop or something to do with law. I am going to Finger Lakes Community College to further my education in tourism management. Right now I work at the Yates County Chamber of commerce and this job inspired me to further my career in it. Maybe even become the Chamber President one day. I love helping people out and letting them know what is around the area and that New York is now just one big city. If tourism management doesnít work out for me, then I am going to switch back to some type of law classes. Both of these careers interest me greatly. The way I see it, I will never run out of time to be what I want to be.

    I would like to thank the class of 1959 for giving me this award and a chance to show you who I really am. You really made me feel like my life was worth it and I did something that was worth something during these 13 years of schooling. I didnít feel like this was done all for nothing. This award made me feel very proud of myself and my family was also very proud of me. Thank you so much for believing in me too. The class of 1959 is on my list people who have inspired me. Thanks!!


Recipient 2 - Leon Paciorek

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