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This web site developed and maintained by Palmer (Stub) Moore.  Send all corrections, additions, old photos, new news and/or excess retirement funds  to Stub.

"Last one leaving, please turn the lights out." 
Stub Moore




"New" Classmate News

It has been suggested that we start a new section where we can post current news on what happening in the lives of our classmates:  

  • Who's moving where
  • Who's retiring - who can't
  • New grandkids
  • New GREAT grandkids
  • Who's got bursitis... 
  • Who's made the headlines, lately.
  • Etc....

Please don't hesitate to send in information about your lives to Stub - and, I'll post it here.  As an example - I'll kick it off:

10/09/2006 - Stub Moore Gits Old

October 1st, 2006 is the first day of the month that Palmer (Stub) Moore will turn 65 (please, no presents accepted "collect").  As such, he has selected Medicare Part A and Part B - rolling the bones on additional health coverage from a Gold/Advantage Plan from Humana in the State of Ohio.  This "do yerself a favor and don't git really sick" plan doesn't cost anything (other than the $88 we all pay Medicare for Plan B) - and, includes a Plan D drug plan - which covers VIAGRA!!!  Life is good.....  However, pp career planning, a few ex-wives, and a current membership in AA has left Stub with the need to continue working for "awhile" longer...  Retirement for Stub will be restricted, in the near future, to a new set of whitewalls for his '73 Olds every 50,000 miles...  (lol)

Currently recovering from a successful "decompression" back surgery on 3 vertebrae, Stub looks forward to his annual two week rental cottage vacation in Penn Yan on the Lake with his four children (40, 35, 21, 18), their spouses, "friends", "partners" or whatever, and his three wonderful grandsons (18, 15, 5.)  Below is a group picture from 2006's "party."  Sorry, none of the moms would show up for the picture.. (lol)           (just click on pic for larger version)

Eighteen year old grandson (Mike) on right - 18 year old son (Clay - yep, Clayton Moore - "Hi Oh Silver" - his nickname is "Lone" - actually, we call him NO MOORE) on left holding 5 yo grandson (Joe) (it was fun introducing those three to each other..(lol)  The three 6 footers in the middle are (left to right) 35 yo son (Matt), 40 yo son (Paul) and Rock Hudson....  Right under da Rock is 15 yo grandson Matt.  Stub, thank the Lord, only has ONE daughter - she's 21 and acts crazier than her old man did when he was her age...  Can you pick her out?? 

You won't find any of us running for President, CEO of any large Corp, performing surgery in an operating room, or stealing money from anybody on a "structured buyout" - but, you will find us all yellin' FORE!!! at Lakeside Country Club every summer in late July...  And, YOU BETTER DUCK!!!