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Stub Moore



Deceased Classmates

All information pertaining to these classmates (such as birth dates, date of death, reason for death, and surviving family) would be appreciated. We would like to post obituaries if anybody has copies. Please inform us of any additions or corrections. 

Neal Hansen
Pat Hansen Roe
Karen Allen
Edna Coon Rumsey
Henry Himmanen
Donna Mackerchar Wilhelm
Jack Morrow
Earl Rickerson
David Sands
Carole Thayer Davis
Charlie Parmelee
Elizabeth McNeil Wheeler (06/17/82)
Lewise Fowler Clark (12/99)
Connie McMinn Davis (01/18/01)
Judith Mahan Franz (07/03/01)
Doris Mashewske Heusler (09/16/01)
Barbara Sands Beyea (2003)
Lorraine Hurlbutt Arlin (01/09/03) 
Elluise Carlson Cooper (03/28/04) 
Rita Shriver Cook (May, 2004)
Jerry Parmelee (November, 2005)
David Tidwell (June, 2006)
Rosanne White Killen (Aug 16, 2010)
Ruth Champlin Updike (Jan 22, 2011) (Obituary)
Gloria Lilyea Shay (Feb 13, 2011) (Announcement)
Karl Henry (April 1, 2014) (Obituary)
Molly "Sujan" Townsen (March 6, 2015) (Obituary)
Persis Griswold (Aug 20, 2016) 
Anita "Joyce Johncox" Clark (Jan 3, 2017) (Obituary)
Barry Wood (March 14, 2017) (Obituary)
Donna Eskildsen Snyder (July 12, 2017) (Obituary)
Judy Patchett Ryder (October 14, 2017) (Obituary)

Please e-mail: Stub if you have any more information or corrections.