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Stub Moore



Ode to the Class of '59

By - Sharan Flynn Tette

Looks like our Fortieth is rolling around...
forty years! Has it been that long
since we strolled the halls of P.Y.A.
facing the future, yet wanting to stay?

Guys in crew cuts, chinos, white socks,
rushed to get metal lockers unlocked,
down-stairs, up-stairs, through 419,
into their seats at the last bell-ring.

When teachers turned backs or looked down in books,
pony-tailed girls in loafers, plaid skirts,
passed notes about "steadies", about "breaking-up";
feigned innocent faces, tried not to get caught.

On weekends we "cheered, cheered for old P.Y.A."
as the Mustangs blew competition away.
There were cokes at Seward's, "pizza Mary-Lou",
drive-in movies, and "making-out", too.

Life was a kick, and worries were few.
Cars were hot, driving still new.
We cruised town with best pals on Saturday nights,
looking for buddies, for fun, for fights.

We fast-danced to "Johnny-Be-Good" rock and roll.
When "Twelfth of Never" was played, we danced slow.
We danced sock hops, the bunny hop, the Junior Prom, too.
Senior Ball's "Sayonara" was bittersweet adieu.

So much has happened since '59.
We're grayer, more bald: aged like fine wine.
We're wrinkled, or wider, but it just doesn't matter.
Because of those years, we belong to each other.

Let's lift a toast (legal, at last!);
easy together, share a story or laugh.
Each person's presence makes all of us rich;
each classmate acknowledged: unrepeatable gift.

-- Sharan Flynn Tette

Class of 1959 Perennial Garden

Each of us was planted, tended, watered
In the Penn Yan Academy's perennial garden
Warmed by the sun, quenched by rain, buffeted by the wind
Of that early planting we began our blossoming.
Now, nurtured, trimmed, transplanted, not forgotten
We'll be gathering into one bouquet, each of us flowering
Let's celebrate!  This is an invitation...Come
Experience the Class of 59's Perennial garden

                                                               - Sharan Flynn Tette