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"Last one leaving, please turn the lights out." 
Stub Moore




School Memories

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We must have known there would be this day...


St.jpg (141242 bytes) St. Mike's 9th Grade joins PY Academy.  Our average class IQ tripled and we gained a quarter back, two world class wrestlers, a dentist, class "odes" woman, a hit man, a county politician, a Lakeside golf hustler, a beauty queen (you gals with have to squabble over that one (lol)  - and, thank God, a place to have our annual picnics!!!


Program1.jpg (114121 bytes)Program2.jpg (93920 bytes)Program3.jpg (159119 bytes)Program4.jpg (65067 bytes) Graduation Program

girls1.jpg (102899 bytes)girls2.jpg (76723 bytes)

girls1.jpg (102899 bytes)

Girls Just Hanging Out & Having Fun - Pat Haney, Joan Porter, Marilyn Fritz,
Donna Eskildsen, Barb Sisson, Karen Allen, Pat Hansen & Carol Thayer


varitones.jpg (127018 bytes)

Varitones News Article


letter.jpg (81215 bytes)  Stub Moore's PYA Letter.  (I don't remember them handing out "letters" for chasin' girls.... )


news1.jpg (319509 bytes) news2.jpg (54739 bytes)

Old Chronical Express Articles...


pauline&joan.jpg (37207 bytes)

Joan Collins & Pauline Coates


Ron&Barb.jpg (42104 bytes)

Ron & Barb Brown.  Still together after all these years.. 


stubs2.jpg (11562 bytes)  stubs1.jpg (193448 bytes)

Stub's Stuff


Kathy Kennerson (does anybody remember those legs!!!)

tickets.jpg (79725 bytes) Tickets to every dance...

patd.jpg (90800 bytes) Pat Johnson Memories 

- Pat Haney, Judy Patchet & Ginny Joslyn (as Girl Scouts?)  
- The Mothers of our brain trust, 
- Donny showing Pat "how it's done

  donny.jpg (110046 bytes) Don Wilhelm Memories - Bill Dennison, Ron Brown, & Joan Porter

4corners1.jpg (31206 bytes) 4corners2.jpg (34529 bytes) 4corners3.jpg (35539 bytes) Downtown

dugas.jpg (54976 bytes) Does anybody remember this place???

Garrett.jpg (14388 bytes) Well then, how 'bout here??   (I didn't think so....)

brownies.jpg (38729 bytes)  Brownies?

    PYA Mustangs Football Team of 1958


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