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"Last one leaving, please turn the lights out." 
Stub Moore




Old Notices and FrontPage Announcements

December 02, 2003 (click to download in Word)

2003 Picnic - Note From Marti - July 16, 2003

Dear Classmates,

I begin with a profuse apology. I have not been diligent regarding communications this past year, primarily because of my dear mother’s health, including a broken hip, broken femur, mild stroke, GI bleed, etc. I have no longer been able to keep Mom at home with us and she has, therefore, resided at The Homestead in Penn Yan since September. Thus, I travel 4-5 times each week to visit her there, either from home or from my office. When I am not working at the U of R, I can usually be located in my automobile or in Penn Yan!

Nevertheless, time marches on and the 4th Annual Class of ‘59 Picnic is not only upon us but should have been scheduled for this coming weekend. I’d like to ask that for this year only we deviate from our agreed-upon schedule of the fourth Saturday in July and hold the picnic in August instead. Carol Underwood Robeson and Alan have once again generously offered to host the picnic at their summer home in Branchport and can do so on Saturday, August 23rd. The gathering will begin at 1:00 p.m. until . .. . . whenever, so that you can arrive whenever it is convenient for you and your family. Carol asks that everyone bring a dish to pass, as well as your own table service. She’ll provide non-alcoholic beverages. For those of you who are planning to drive or fly in from a long distance “out of town,” if a dish to pass is difficult please just phone Carol at 315-595-6128 to see if there is anything else that would be helpful. For those of you who are relatively nearby and are able to do so, please bring along lawn chairs.

Again this year there’ll be a variety of lawn games, wonderful food, a campfire, singing, and especially lots of time for enjoyable conversation. If you have a guitar or other instrument, please bring it along. Again this year, we’d like to ask if anybody would be willing to collect the lyrics to some of the songs of the 50s – songs that we were so much in love with then but can’t remember all the words to now – and either copy them or send the words to us and we’ll make copies. An added attraction is that we’ve begun some planning for our Class of ‘59's 45-year reunion in the summer of 2004, and I’ll have a date and location for your calendars very soon. We’d like to begin some planning groups at the picnic in August, so that if you aren’t able to attend the picnic and would like to be involved in any with the planning of next summer’s reunion, please let me know what you’d like your involvement to be. 

The Chinese Auction that Janie LeGro Smith’s suggested at our 1st picnic has been great fun and we’ll plan to do it again (I still love the pretty ring that I successfully bid on two years ago . . . a generous contribution from Cynthia Geer Jones). This is how it works: Bring along an item or items that you’d like to auction (proceeds to the class treasury for continued communications, minor costs associated with annual picnic, our 45th reunion, and anything else the class wants to do with it). It doesn’t matter how large or small the item. All items will be displayed in a central location, and there will be a piece of paper by each item. Just look through the items throughout the day, and if you see something you’d like simply write your name on the paper with the price you’d be willing to pay. If someone else wants the same item, he/she just puts a larger price with his/her name next on the list. At the end of a designated time, the person with the largest price on each item will pay for it and take it home.

Directions to Carol and Alan’s place at 3576 West Lake Road, Branchport: from Elm Street and Liberty Street in Penn Yan, take 54-A out past the cemetery and on out past Seneca Farms. Continue until you get to Branchport. Turn left (i.e., south, towards Hammondsport). From the light in Branchport, it’s 3/4 mile on the right. There will be four marinas on the left and across from the last marina — Keuka Lake Marina — will be Carol and Alan’s property -- Keuka Joy -- at 3576 West Lake Road. There will be a long driveway. Their house is a ranch and has a white picket fence and a white arbor in front. Note: It’s 8 miles from downtown Penn Yan to Branchport. Look for orange and blue balloons marking the driveway! Carol says there is no need to RSVP. If you make up your mind at the very last minute, please just come along.

Information regarding hotels, motels and Bed & Breakfast Inns can be found on the Yates County Chamber of Commerce web site. 

Considering that the 40th reunion, as well as the three Annual Picnics of the Class of ‘59 have been so very enjoyable, we continue to look forward to the annual picnics as one means of maintaining the nice relationships that were established and/or re-established. Questions or suggestions? Please contact one of us below with questions about the picnic:

Carol Underwood Robeson 315-595-6128 carolalanr@flare.net Marti LaBarr Preston 315-986-4227 ipa_rjh@urmc.rochester.edu

See you there!

Old Front PageNotices

This is a listing of old notices that have been posted on the FrontPage of our class web site (dates indicate the day the Item was removed from the home page):


2006 Annual Class of '59 Picnic - Saturday, July 22nd (click for more info)

Jerry Parmelee passed away the week of November 21, 2005.  Our thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to his wife Lenny and the rest of his family.  (Deceased Classmates)

Our 45th Reunion the weekend of July 31st2004 was a great success.  Golf outing on Friday hosted by Bill Schroeder, Picnic on Saturday at Bill Schroeder's "Place on the Lake", Reunion Dinner at Keuka College, and brunch at Miller's Essenhous were all very well attended.  Thanks to everybody that organized and worked on the committee and those folks that attended.  It's always great to see everybody.

Note from our Scholarship Committee Chair - Janie (LeGro) Smith. (click here)


Our annual Class Picnic is going to be held at Terry "Armstrong" Toole's cottage on East Lake Road the last Saturday in July, 2005...  (more info)


The 40th Class Reunion held in Penn Yan last summer was a giant success.  However, your chairman was so bushed out from the preparations that he has been unable to "type" a word about it since. I apologize to our classmates for the time that the web site had been out of operation, but it is now back up and hopefully to stay. We will be posting a 40th reunion report and pictures for everybody to see shortly.

Our annual class picnic will be held the FOURTH SATURDAY OF EVERY JULY at Carol Underwood Robesons' house in Branchport.


This reunion is becoming a giant success. We'll have over 160 in attendance - which was too many to have at the Elks Club. So, we have changed the Saturday evening dinner location to Lakeside Country Club. Please note the change in Reunion Events.

We are also trying to rent a school bus for a tour by the homes where we lived in high school on Saturday morning.

A news letter has been mailed to everybody this week with official sign up forms. Please return them and your checks as soon as possible.


Great News!!! Marie Parcels Rowe ain't dead... Somehow we thought she was, but she's alive and well and coming to the reunion. Scared Phyliss Race McCloud almost to death herself when Marie showed up at her door step recently. Sorry, Phyliss.... Sorry, Marie.....

We're up to 139 people coming to the reunion - and that's not counting teachers and other guests. 


New Reunion Stat Facts

Total Classmates in Data Base (in 9th grade): 136
Deceased Classmates: 13
Classmates Located : 76
Approx. Attendance w/ spouses, kids, friends, etc.: 129


New Memories and Missing Classmates pages added to web site - check 'em out....

Senior Pictures added to Class Information page (the ones we have.) Just double click on those names in blue. 

I'm now trying to show which year your Spouse graduated from PYA (if he or she did.) So check the Classmate Information page and let me know if I missed somebody, or if I'm wrong.


Total Classmates in Data Base (in 9th grade): 133
Deceased Classmates: 12
Classmates Located and Attending: 60
Approx. Attendance w/ spouses, kids, friends, etc.: 112

What a classy package Marti LaBarr Preston sent out to everybody encouraging them to participate in the Memories Book project. Thank you, Marti. Let's make sure we all respond with pictures and information. If you didn't get one, or you know of someone that didn't get one, please let her know.

We found out that another classmate had passed away - Elizabeth McNeil.


Our third party (free) Discussion Forum is on the blink. Sorry about that.
We're looking at alternatives.

At the urgent suggestion of Marti LaBarr Preston, I have made several spelling (and case) corrections to names and addresses in the Class Information file.  ---- I'm sorry - I was always a lousy spellar.

Marti has graciously taken on the task of producing our Class Memories Book.  Please make sure she gets one of your senior pictures (look in the Class Information page to see if we have yours or not,) and a current shot of you (and your family.) You will be receiving a letter directly from her about this project shortly.


Don't drag your feet in sending in those Classmate Locator forms we sent out.  And, don't give me that crap about "time hasn't been good to me", "we don't really know each other, anymore", or "I've lived in Penn Yan my whole life - why would I want to come to a Penn Yan class reunion?", or "I never liked you when we were in school, Stub, why the hell would I want to see you when you're 57 YEARS OLD!" -- I don't want to hear any of those sob stories - let's all make an effort to, first, find everybody, and then make our best efforts to show up to this event. Let's make this reunion one we can remember for a "life time".

Please take time to look at the Class Address List - it lists old addresses that no long are valid (bad addr), new addresses (Upd x/9x), who has responded, who is coming - and whose senior pictures we need for our Memories Book.

We need information about our deceased classmates, also. Date of birth, date of death, reason for death, etc. Please provide that information if you know it.

Start using the Discussion Forum - it won't bite you. (Mr. Earl taught us to type for a reason.)