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Stub Moore




Our 2017 Picnic

(Just click on the small pictures to see the enlarged version)

What a great gathering we had this year at The Valley Inn in Guyanoga (Branchport) the Satruday, July 29th 2017.  In attendance were:

Marilyn and Pat Flynn
Jim and Faye Castner
Mary Kay Judd
Phyllis and Billy McLoud
Pauline Coates Lane
Bob Pepper
Henry and Betty Neilsen
Bob Wilson and his son
Phyllis and Tom Pratt
Mike and Thelma Jensen
Dan and Myra Jensen
Jim and Kay Williamson
Sandy Harriet Rosenthal
Roger Scott
Terry and Jim Toole
Alice White Wright and her aide
Stub Moore and Julie Breeding
Bill Schroeder
Joan Collins Tomion

IMG_0672.JPG (3858128 bytes) Joan "Collins" Tominion & Tom Pratt IMG_0673.JPG (3832892 bytes) Dan & Myra Jensen
IMG_0674.JPG (3451406 bytes) Stub Moore, Mike & Thelma Jensen IMG_0675.JPG (3956924 bytes) Alice White Wright and her aide
IMG_0691.JPG (4402318 bytes) Joan Collins & Mike Jensen IMG_0682.JPG (3941087 bytes) Jim Castner
IMG_0689.JPG (3722528 bytes) Marilyn Fritz & Mary Kay "Ryal" Judd IMG_0685.JPG (3180644 bytes) Phyllis "Wonderfully Crazy" Race & Jim Williamson
IMG_0686.JPG (4227476 bytes) Roger Scott, Julie Breeding (Stub's lady), and "Lucky" Stub Moore IMG_0687.JPG (4684004 bytes) Jim Toole, Marilyn & Pat "Peaceful" Flynn and Terry "Armstrong" Toole
IMG_0688.JPG (3968437 bytes) Jim Castner & Bob "Dr" Pepper IMG_0690.JPG (3936350 bytes)  Marilyn Fritz & Mary Kay Ryal
IMG_0693.JPG (3153423 bytes) Pauline "Coates" Lane IMG_0692.JPG (4131984 bytes) Jim Castner & ? (need help identifying)
IMG_0683.JPG (295735 bytes) Bill "Phyllis Race" McCloud & the only shots we have of Henry & Betty Neilson (albeit the backs of their heads) IMG_0676.JPG (451366 bytes) Terry Armstrong

A big thanks to Bill Schroeder for taking the pictures above - and, actually sending them to your web guy...

Regrets received were: 

Joe Calarco
Ron and Barb Brown
Claudia Windnagle Finley
Don Wilhelm
Joan Porter
Cynthia Geer Jones
Barb Sisson Howard
Tom Killian
Barb Jones Patterson
Dick Jepsen
Bruce Neilsen
Rosemary Haney Long
Beverly Thomas Wells
Sharan Flynn Tette