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Stub Moore




Putt's Pleasure Palace

Everybody (especially the single women (lol) are always asking, "How's Putt Parshall?"  Well, here he is today - just as cute and devious as he's always been:


As of early '07 he is really alive and doing well in Naples, Florida. I visited him at his "pleasure palace" at Imperial for a few days this year and thought I'd post some pictures of his lair.

Twenty years ago Paul had been a very successful media businessman with stakes in TV & radio stations, newspapers, magazines, etc. and quite adept at understanding profit making on the stock markets.  He then suffered a major stroke that left him virtually paralyzed on his left side which forced him into a very early semi-retirement.

He has since regained most of the use of his left side and survived the loss of his wife, Teddy, to early life cancer.  He sold all his property and businesses in Columbus, Ohio and moved to "live the life of a bachelor" in Naples, Florida - which he surely is... (lol)

Putt's Pleasure Palace

Putt's neighborhood...
'nuther neighbor...
"Oh girls - it's Paul Parshall's house!"
"Let's see if he's home."
"You ring the doorbell."  "No, YOU ring it."
"Come on in, girls.  There's the pool overlooking the lake.  Remember - pajamas are not optional...(lol)"
"Would you gals like to take a dip?"
(Not yet, Putt, let's at least offer them a beverage first!"
Oh well, seeing how we are here let's show them Play Ground II.
The den area.
"Buy it - it's cheap."
Kitchen area...
Dining area.
The man has some artwork around, folks...
Back to the pool area.  Anybody up for a BBQ?
The pool overlooking the lake.
"They all want me for my body, Stub..."
A shot in his back yard.  (Anybody remember THOSE skinny legs extending down from his football pants??  (LOL)
A lakeside neighbor.
"Hey, are lizards welcome to Putt's Pleasure Palace?"
Looks like his high school buddies are gittin' old, too.....