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Penn Yan Academy Class of '59
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Memo from our Scholarship Fund Chair - Janie Legro Smith - 11/12/06

Dear Classmates,  

The Scholarship Fund is still alive and growing slowly.  We have received several hundred dollars in Dave Tidwell’s memory, such a blessing.  The balance of our account at this time is $2417.03.  This is enough to keep the awards going for two more years, 2007 and 2008, as we give two $500 awards each year.  

Check out the pictures of the past winners and their biographies.  They are all nice deserving kids with big plans for their futures.  I talked to each of them and they were so pleased and thankful to receive this small boost.  And I think they were excited to think there was someone out there who wanted to give them a helping hand.  

If we can collect just another $600 we can keep the Scholarship going through our 50th years.  50 YEARS!  Can you believe that?  I know most of you are just at that point in your life when you are retired or considering it.  That means we are really reexamining our financial situations and many of us are contemplating reducing or eliminating all or most of our donations.  After all, we’ve been giving all our life and now it’s time to spend on ourselves, right?   

Well, that is true, I feel that way too sometime, but this is a way to give a little of what we can afford to help young people who are now in a place we were in nearly fifty years ago, and will be someday where we are now.  They are the future of this world, and if we help them out, we might be making the world a little better place.  

I’m sending an additional check for $100 in this week.  Bill Schrouder, who is also on the Scholarship Committee, has pledged to do the same.  If only four more of you could do the same, we would be covered through for fiftieth year.  If lots more of you could send in $100 or more (or less, every dollar helps) maybe we could go on much longer.   

Please give this some serious thought.  If you can and wish to help, thanks a whole bunch.  If you can’t or would rather not, that’s okay too, I understand that we all have different priorities.  

Checks should be made out to “ Penn Yan Central School ” with the notation on the check “Class of 1959 Scholarship Fund”.  Send checks to Penn Yan Central School , 1 School Street , Penn Yan, NY 14527 with a notation on the envelope “Class of 1959 Scholarship Fund”.  Or you can send them to me.  I will send you a receipt and forward all checks to the school.  My address is:  Jane LeGro Smith, 228 Marlette Drive , Farmington , NY   14425 .  

Thanks and best to you all,